alliantNational’s own Steven T. Miller and Meeren Amin co-authored a chapter in the American Bar Association’s 2018 Captive Insurance Deskbook for the Business Lawyer. The book helps attorneys navigate the often-murky paths of captive insurance companies and offers suggestions on whether a captive is a suitable option for a business owner.

Miller and Amin co-authored a chapter on “Captive Insurance Tax Controversy,” where the two discussed how the Internal Revenue Service conducts audits of captives, the appeals process if the agency determines a captive has violated pertinent law, how to prepare for possible litigation and effective pre-audit strategies for managing a captive.

The book’s publication comes at a time when most Fortune 500 companies, as well as many small to mid-sized businesses and tax-exempt organizations are involved with captives. It features a wide-range of tax controversy professionals and serves as a comprehensive outline for any business that is looking into the viability of captive insurance companies.